Why Do You Need to Build A Website for Your Business?

Can your customer find your business online currently?

Answer 1: “Yes. We have a Social media account”.

Answer 2: “No not at all”. We aim to address these two answers.

Let us start with “Yes. We have a social media account”. That is great that you have a presence online. How is that working for you? Are you getting the engagement that you want? “yes”. Fantastic. Then you are probably okay with what you are doing. If not, let us look at why this might not be working for you.

We would start with brand recognition, and differentiation. The trouble with social media platforms is that they are predefined, and the layout is set. You cannot change anything. You do not have your own URL, just a name at the end of the social media URL. You can add basic elements such as cover image and profile picture, and some general information about your business or services, but that is pretty much it.

But why do we want to differentiate? Firstly, we want to build brand recognition, your brands recognition, not Facebooks, or LinkedIn. We want your customers to know where your shop or office is online. Having your own URL (domain name) can help with that. Sending correspondence from your own domain not only makes your business look more professional, but it is a starting point for becoming a term that can be exchanged in conversion.

Secondly, representation – a social media platform is defined and as such, it does not present your business positioning it does not show your brands prestige, the quality that you would like to showcase. You are limited to the fields that the platform has in place in basic text form to talk about your products or services. Whereas your own website gives you the opportunity to create an aesthetic that describes and showcases your business in the way that is indicative of your offering – it also enables you to have sections that are relevant to your business and offers more space to position your business as an expert provider. As well as all this, a good quality website can help you build trust with your customers.

There are many reasons as to why you need a business website, but as an overview here is a few reasons below:

1. The site is your brand representation online

2. The site shows off your products or services

3. The site can act as a driving point for marketing efforts

4. Having a site can give your business credibility

5. Competitiveness and affordability – to have a site online is not as expensive as some may think, not only that but it is significantly cheaper than having a physical shop or office. Which means that you can offer your services and compete with bigger businesses.

6. Having your own domain means that you can have business-specific email addresses, which adds to the professionalism of the business.

7. Easy referral – customers can easily send your business website link on to friends and family

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