Voice Search SEO

Benefits of Voice Search Optimisation Services

Voice Search Optimisation Services by Perceive Digital

Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace, and the way people search for services, information or products online is also changing. The use of Voice Search, has become a norm, and as it is easier and faster than typing in a long search query many users prefer to use this method.

However the way that we search for products, services or information via voice search differs from traditional SEO. Voice search tends to be conversational, rather than a string of search terms or sentences, for example, “what’s the weather like today?”, or “where can I buy organic strawberries?” versus traditional SEO terms “organic strawberries London”. With that in mind, as voice search terms can contain nuances, complexity, voice search SEO is an approach used specifically to recognise more conversational search phrases to deliver the best outcome based on the query.

Voice Search SEO

Perceive Digital offers Voice Search SEO packages to suit your business needs, and budget. Voice Search SEO can be incorporated into a wider marketing campaign, or singularly. Drop us a line to see how we can help your business with Voice Search SEO.



What is voice SEO?

Voice SEO is an optimisation process to used to appear in voice searches. You may have used the voice search functionality on your mobile or on Alexa, the results that are presented are those that have snippets optimised.

What is the best voice search?

There are several Voice search applications available dependent on the device, each has its own benefits. Dependent on your needs you may find the likes of Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Bing.

Is voice search the future?

Voice search has increased with popularity over the years, and now easily accessible via mobile phones and devices, we anticipate that the ease of use will see further uptake by users in the future.

What is the best voice activated device?

There are host of voice activated devices available on the market, from Amazon Echo, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, Sonos to name a few.

What are the advantages of voice recognition?

• Speed of search
• Good for those with visual difficulties
• Can help with efficiency in the workplace
• Already many users set timers on these devices, or check weather when at home.