Email Marketing


Add A Personal Touch

Perceive Digital can create targeted Email Marketing campaigns to help increase sales. Out team understands your product/service offering to develop strategic and relevant email campaigns. We can create singular email campaigns or integrate email marketing as part of a wider strategy.

Perceive Digital can create Email Marketing campaigns to create awareness, and promote your brand or product offering.



What is email marketing?

Email marketing is used to convey a message or promotional initiatives about your business productive or services to existing, or potential (those that have signed up to your newsletter but have yet to buy) customers. The goal is to keep them informed and show your expertise in your field with relevant email content.

How to do email marketing?

1. Establish a newsletter sign up option
2. Build you list
3. Develop relevant email content about your business, product or service
4. Create an aesthetically pleasing email
5. Send

Does email marketing work?

Yes. Generally the people that sign up to your newsletter are those that have shown an interest in your business, product or service. You may not convert every person on your list, however there is a good chance that some of your list will engage with your email content.

It is important to bear in mind, that generating a newsletter list and the results that you can expect from it are significantly different to unsolicited email lists. We would not recommend an unsolicited email list, as this would mean the email recipient has not given permission to be on that list and there are also several privacy concerns around these, as well as spam listings.

What are the best practices of email marketing?

1. Genuine list of email recipients in line with GDPR
2. Clean content, relevant and not spammy
3. Call to action links and buttons
4. Test your email prior to sending to make sure it displays well
5. Send