Why do you need SEO Services?

SEO can be a grey area in businesses. The term is recognisable, however the value that SEO brings to the business is not fully understood. Rather than go into technical examples, this article aims to outline simple explanation of what SEO is and how it is beneficial for a business.

Think about a time when you are online and are searching for something, let’s say in this scenario it’s a new pair of shoes. You open up your favourite search engine, and you type “cool new shoes London”. Almost instantly the search engine compiles a list of results for you to sift through relevant to the search term “cool new shoes London”. You spend the next 5-10 minutes going through the first couple of pages in the results.

SEO effectively is the process whereby you product/service is listed on ideally the first or second page of search results for product/service specific search terms. In the example above it was shoes. This is important for a number of reasons, imagine in our digital world, the number of sellers of shoes? Search lists can run into hundreds of thousands of pages for search terms like “cool new shoes London”. SEO essentially works tirelessly behind the scenes so that your search term is listed on the top pages of search results making it easier for potential customers to find you. In the business world to sell a product or service is the main goal – however if your customer cannot find you, how will you sell it? SEO enables you to be found.

A good SEO services provider will be able to do get you ranking at the top spot, but remember that SEO is not an instant results service, it is based on ongoing trust, and authority building of your website, which is important to major search engines. SEO can take between 3-6 months to show high rankings. There are a number of variables involved such as domain age, content on domain and much more.

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