What Is The Google Knowledge Graph And How It Works?

The Google Knowledge Graph is essentially a central source of factual data information, which is gathered data from a variety of sources, and compiled in one location. The Google Knowledge Graph uses search algorithms to source and organise the data.

The data is then organised and presented to users in an information box alongside search results.  The Google Knowledge Graph can present information such as stock prices, business information, and weather.

Google Knowledge Graph also shows data in Knowledge cards and Knowledge panels. This can be a good thing from a SERPs point of view. But essentially you will first need to get into the Google Knowledge Graph – the benefit of doing so is that you may improve trust and authority with users of search engines and improve visibility. This is great for SEO efforts.

How can your business get into the Google Knowledge Graph?

  1. Add schema markup
  2. Add your business to Google My Business
  3. Improve your outreach and link building
  4. Add an entry to wikidata.org or create a wiki page.
  5. Consistency – regular updates or fresh content on your site

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