Tips on How to Create a Good Ecommerce Product Page

There are several things to be aware of when considering making improvements to your eCommerce product page from a Digital Marketing perspective.

If you are creating an eCommerce page to display your products you will need to consider:

Good quality images

The quality of the images used to show your products says a lot about your brand. A good clean, quality image not only looks better but may also mirror the quality of your service.

Visible pricing

Pricing needs to clearly visible so that potential customers are able to evaluate and consider if the product and price point are suitable for them.


Laying out products or services in a similar format across your website ensures that the website looks cleaner, but also enables the customers to have a better user experience – so that they get comfortable navigating products on your site.

Clear product descriptions

Customers should be able to easily assess and read more information about your products or services. This enables them to better understand what the product/service is – and what the customer can expect from the product or service.

Enticing calls-to-action

Your eCommerce page also needs to have easily identifiable calls-to-action (buy now, find out more, call us) buttons easily visible to the potential customer. This is important, the reason is simply that if the potential customer is interested in your product/service – and they are ready to either purchase, find out more, or register their interest etc. If they are unable to clearly see a calls-to-action they may start losing interest if they have to navigate numerous pages on your site before finding one that enables them to reach out to you about their interest.

Page speed

Page speed is especially important when it comes to a customer’s user experience of your site. Especially when it comes to your products or services from a digital marketing point of view – if the page is loading too slowly due to larger-than-life images and videos, or overstuffing of content – the potential customer may get fed up and navigate away from your site.

Additional considerations:

Display historic customer recommendations and reviews.

Return policies

Customer service

Related product

All of the above are important not only from a digital marketing perspective, but also from a search engine optimisation view. If the products are optimised in terms of labelling, keywords they are better placed to appear in search results.

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