Tips for Local SEO to appear on Google Maps

Local SEO is driven toward location-based results. What do we mean? If someone is looking for “washing machines” in London, and another is looking for “washing machines” in Nottingham, the results each will see will differ.

Essentially local SEO work is driven to target a specific location, this is approach is good for businesses that service a locality rather than nationally.

What do we need to do so that our business appears in local search results? Ways that you can improve local listings:

  • List your business on Google My Business or Bing Places.
  • Location data (structured) to your website.
  • Responsive site, Mobile friendly.
  • Easily visible, and easily actionable contact functionality.

How is this done? An SEO agency will work to optimize your site and keywords. They will put in place structured location-based data within your website, and optimize your Google or Bing places listing.

There is of course a lot more to it than that, good quality SEO requires ongoing efforts, and fresh content also forms an integral part of good SEO tactics.