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How could SEO make a difference to your business during the pandemic Covid-19?

SEO for Ecommerce

How could SEO make a difference to your business during the pandemic Covid-19?

The pandemic is a global challenge affecting us emotionally, mentally, physically, and
economically. From an economic point of view there are some steps that a business could
take to help take the pressure off for when we overcome the pandemic and even now.
SEO is a promising digital marketing tool, that is coming to the fore in this pandemic and
with the processes within SEO geared towards improving visibility of a brand – let’s talk
about how SEO can help your business during the pandemic.
Firstly, let’s talk about your online business presence – do you have one? By that we mean
do you have a website, or some social media channels? Is your brand represented online via
these mediums?
For the purpose of this blog we will assume that it is. What now? Let’s talk about how SEO
and how during the pandemic it may create awareness for your business online.
The world is now in a global lockdown that means people are in their houses and as an
information or service source, or from a stimulus point of view people are browsing the
internet more.
They be searching for news around Covid-19, or how to gather necessary resources (various
products or services), needed for their time in lockdown and to keep them and their loved
ones safe. They may be looking ahead and planning for the future for when things have
settled down. Or they may be looking for some light mental or emotional relief by shopping
for clothes, or books, or anything that gives them some form of respite during this time.
As form of visibility some businesses may offer support and messages around keeping safe
whilst others choose to focus on their products or services entirely.
Building on an SEO strategy and optimising your products or services at this time may help
in creating awareness of your products or services. Because SEO is a long-term marketing
process – there may be benefits in your business putting in place an SEO strategy while your
competitors may be sitting back (less competition) in lockdown. This may give you a
competitive advantage by building momentum by improving the ranking for your products
or services over time while they take their eye off the ball. Remember that it could be that
when competitors emerge from lockdown, they may have to pick up on SEO again and start
building back momentum and awareness.
As people are online more, it makes sense to ramp up your business online – that’s where
the buyers are right now. People are searching more, and the lists of results keep pouring
out of search engines. So, shouldn’t your business be listed within those results too?
Implementing a long-term marketing strategy such as utilising SEO to help your business
once we are all out of lockdown could improve your business visibility. As uncertainty
remains around what the state of the economy will be once life is back to normal and how

this will impact many businesses worldwide – what can you do now that may help you
create awareness for your products or services later down the line?
Focusing on and building your business online with good clean SEO processes may be what’s
needed to get noticed. Also, as a lot more people are working from home now and not
rushing to get to work or get home after work, they may have a few more hours on their
hands to look into your products or services.
This could be an opportune time for you to create a lasting impression and even though
they may not purchase something now – they may once we are all out of lockdown. But
your business needs to be seen first.

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