How to Use the Power of Local SEO for Your eCommerce Site

Nowadays it has become common practice to look for a product via a search engine. If your products have not been optimised with product SEO, more than likely your products will not appear in the results when a user looks for a particular item. Product or ecommerce SEO helps to increase visibility and can improve traffic to your website.

Ecommerce sites usually have a significant number of pages, compared to informative sites. Sites that have many pages need to be well organised, and easy to navigate.

Navigation (user experience and site architecture) for an eCommerce site, needs to be well thought out, so that a visitor on your site is not overwhelmed, or loses their way around the site. A good site layout and user journey will enable a visitor to get to where they need to in as few clicks as possible.

What do we mean by this? For example, you may visit a site selling food, and you might be interested in purchasing avocados, so in this instance, the visitor may go to the fresh produce section, then vegetables, to find the avocado. Another example might be an online clothing shop, a visitor may be looking for a lady’s jacket, and they may first decide to go to the lady’s section, then jackets.

In addition to the usability of a site, local SEO is also important for those businesses that sell products in a set location, rather than nationally or internationally. Local SEO is driven to target a specific location, ensuring the site is organised with the right structured location data, and the right categories, will not only help the visitor on your site, but it will also help with Google, Bing, and Amazon listings.

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