How Does SEO Help Your Business Grow?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process that can help improve where you appear in search results, which in turn may improve traffic coming to your website. The way that SEO helps a business grow is by improving search engine rankings, which in turn would create improved exposure, thus generating more traffic to your site.

So how does that help your business grow? The idea is that with the increase in traffic, based on relevant keywords (users’ search query and businesses SEO efforts) the user will visit the business site and view the business product/service offering, and hopefully if the product or service offering appeals to the user (potential customer) they may be inclined to reach out and learn more about it or purchase it.

It’s by way of improving exposure and helping to increase traffic to your site that the chances to increase conversion will improve. However, it is also important that the site itself is optimised as well. This could mean looking at various technical components of the website to ensure that things such as page load time are good, as well as ensuring canonical and redirects are in place among many other things.

As a side note, it might be useful to know that Google, one of the most prominent search engines in use today has over 200 ranking factors that are used to evaluate a site and its placement in search results. Phew, that’s a lot – it may not be easy for a small business owner to keep on top of this, all with running a business, or working to get a new business off the ground.

Some businesses may be able to juggle this for a while but as a business starts to grow, or demand increases the need for a dedicated resource to keep on top of this work may be required (or an SEO agency) such as a full-time employee working on SEO. But a business needs to weigh up which suits their needs best.

Content on the website also needs to be of relevance as well as how easily a potential customer can navigate your site and find the information, they need to evaluate services, or be able to click through to purchase.  A good SEO process should provide ways to optimise many aspects and components of an online business offering.

A key thing to remember however is that if you are going to embark on SEO you work with agencies or employees who use white hat SEO practices. Search engine algorithms are fine-tuned to pick up spamming techniques (black hat SEO) and can penalize a website that uses these methods which may mean that it no longer appears in search listings.

To recap SEO may improve traffic to your site which may increase sales of your product or service.

As always, our team is on hand to assist you with your SEO needs – you’re welcome to get in touch. Also, we understand that a small business needs affordable services, we have some great economy packages available which are easily scalable as your business grows.

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