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What is Digital Marketing? This can be a confusing area as a lot of things seem to be thrown under the digital marketing umbrella. SEO, PPC, and Social Media are prominent mentions in the Digital Marketing arena – however, we feel that often other important areas of Digital Marketing is lost amongst the hustle and bustle of Social Media, and in-your-face PPC adverts.


So, what are we talking about? The first mention is look and feel, how is your brand coming across in the online space – is it consistent? Does the content (images, video and text) mirror the prestige of the product or service offering? Does the online environment that your product or service is placed in look inviting – or does it look like that drawer that we usually put all the odds and ends in?

These are just some of the questions that the quieter side of Digital Marketing asks and improves.

Also, your competitors, are you aware of how you are placed within the market? Is your offering competitive? And is your site easy to use?

Finally, we will give mention Digital Strategy – have you thought about how you will take your product to market – or create brand awareness?

These are just some of the other areas in Digital Marketing that also play a strong part in shaping your business online.

Digital Marketing for any business should be looked at as a whole -the sum of all parts. The reason that this is important – say, for example, a business engages in an internal SEO process regularly and manages to generate traffic to the site on a monthly basis. However, when the analytics are viewed the traffic once there seems to leave within 10-20 seconds (bounce rate).

The business isn’t sure why the increased traffic is not yielding any sales – especially since they have a good quality product/service that is 10 % cheaper than competitors in the market. They ask a digital marketing friend to help. Upon review of their online presence it becomes apparent that their business website is clunky, information isn’t easily found, and the page loads slowly.

In this instance, the business could look to embark on a refresh of the current website or build a new one, whichever is more viable. Looking at Digital Marketing services that provide websites that also take into the consideration user journey, or experience is great. But what about the content? A developer will be able to provide you with a technically sound site – but may not be able to advise on the content that the user sees (which ultimately is what engages the user) this is where a rounded digital marketing service provider can help.


Looking at your business as a whole in the online world is as important as opening a physical shop. You would want to know that your shop is near public transport links or parking. That your shop is visible to the shopper, that your visual merchandising is appealing enough to entice a potential customer into the shop. Once inside you want to ensure that all your best products/services are on display and any promotions that are on are easily visible. Finally, you would want them to easily identify where to pay if they like a product.

So why would you not do the same for your customers who shop online?

Need a hand with your business? you’re welcome to get in touch. Also, we understand that a small business needs affordable services, we have some great economy packages available which are easily scalable as your business grows.

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