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When it comes to Digital Marketing for SMEs how do you choose the right approach for your business?Will Facebook be more relevant for your products and services or should you go with another Social Media Marketing channel? These are common questions asked by business owners. There is good reason too, today many people using the Internet for many uses. People can spend a lot of their time on the Internet especially on Social Media. You can...

With the help of Internet people can access information whenever they want it from any place at any time. Most people can access the internet via computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets. What SMEs need to remember is that internet users can influence their company's image via Social Media. A company can trend across Social Media Channels with rave customer reviews – or plummet for poor customer satisfaction.The digital realm allows for competition to exist where once...

In this Digital era where technologies continue to evolve, it may come as no surprise that customers are now researching and buying products online. Hence, to run your business successfully you need to have a Digital Marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing Strategy has the potential to transform the way you reach and engage with your customers.A Digital Marketing Strategy is imperative for any business or organization that is selling products and services online. Consumers are now more...