In this article we will be looking at the best ways to improve your SEO efforts. This is important for a number of reasons – firstly the ever-changing Google Algorithm, secondly your persistent competitors that would like to rank higher than you in search engines for their products of services. So how do we improve...
The pandemic is a global challenge affecting us emotionally, mentally, physically, and economically. From an economic point of view there are some steps that a business could take to help take the pressure off for when we overcome the pandemic and even now. SEO is a promising digital marketing tool, that is coming to the...
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With the help of Internet people can access information whenever they want it from any place at any time. Most people can access the internet via computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets. What SMEs need to remember is that internet users can influence their company’s image via Social Media. A company can trend across Social Media...
white hat seo
The “white hat SEO” term refers to SEO tactics that are in line with the required terms and conditions of major search engines, like Bing or Google. In simple terms, it’s the use of various best practice methods that ensure that your website performs well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) without applying what...
There are several things to be aware of when considering making improvements to your ecommerce product page from a Digital Marketing perspective. If you are creating an ecommerce page to display your products you will need to consider: Good quality images The quality of the images used to show your products says a lot about...
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SEO is the way that you optimize your website to improveyour position in search engine results. This is important for a number of reasons one of the main reasons is that if a website is optimized correctly then the website is easily identified and scanned by search engine crawler bots. This in turn can increase...
search engine optimization
SEO can be a grey area in businesses. The term is recognisable, however the value that SEO brings to the business is not fully understood. Rather than go into technical examples, this article aims to outline simple explanation of what SEO is and how it is beneficial for a business. Think about a time when...
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Whenever someone is searching for a product, service, or information, then search engines likes Google and Bing can play an important part of the search process. The person may rely on Google or Bing because of the enormous amount of organised data that each respective Search Engine can organise. People all over the world make...
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Digital Marketing Services When it comes to Digital Marketing for SMEs how do you choose the right approach for your business? Will Facebook be more relevant for your products and services or should you go with another Social Media Marketing channel? These are common questions asked by business owners. There is good reason too, today...
digital marketing strategy
In this Digital era where technologies continue to evolve, it may come as no surprise that customers are now researching and buying products online. Hence, to run your business successfully you need to have a Digital Marketing Strategy. Digital Marketing Strategy has the potential to transform the way you reach and engage with your customers....
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